The average gift card recipient spends 20% more than the cards initial value. That's extra sales!Order your biz' gift card today!

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Not sure if your business needs a gift card?

Here are three questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Could it use extra cash?
  • Additional profit?
  • More returning customers?

All three points are persuasive arguments for implementing a gift card program, but here are a few more facts: The average amount placed on a gift card is just over $200. Gift card recipients will on average spend 20% over and above the initial value of the card. Ten to fifteen percent of them do not redeem the entire value of their gift card.
How is that for incentive to get moving on that gift card program NOW?

Gift Card Printing

Product image of Tele-Pak's custom gift cards

What is your slice of that pie?
The gift card business is expected to be close to or break the $100 billion mark this year. What is your slice of that lucrative pie?

Tele-Pak's custom gift cards work with your existing point-of-sale equipment. If you don't have a POS program, let us know and we can recommend one.

Gift Card Holders

Product image of Tele-Pak's gift card holders

Make a Strong Presentation
You've spent time and effort into developing a card that is worthy of your branding. Ensure a great gift card presentation with a gift card holder (or carrier).

Tele-Pak's card holders and presenters are professionally printed in full color on quality card stock, are scored for easy folding and have two slits for easy gift card insertion.

Hanging Gift Cards

Product image of Tele-Pak's hanging gift cards or point of sale activation cards

Convenient to sell
Tele-Pak's hanging cards are made of plastic or card stock, and feature a broad display of color and design area for your gift card.

Conveniently hang on a display (ask us!) near your cash register, and they are in the prime spot for impulse buying. The gift card section has a score to easily detach and present.

About Tele-Pak

Quality Plastic Card Printing Since 1996
Tele-Pak Inc. is located in Monsey, NY and has been a reliable worldwide leader in the plastic printing industry since 1996. They produce all kinds of top of the line card printing: gift cards, plastic key tags, scratch cards, phone cards and point of sale activation cards. is just one member of the Tele-Pak family of web sites, which include,,, and our corporate web site

If you don't see what you need on our web sites, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We will be able to help!

Other Tele-Pak Products and Services:

  • Clear cards, phone cards, loyalty cards
  • Plastic key tags, card and key tag combinations
  • Hanging cards (paper and plastic), scratch-off cards, multi-pin phone cards
  • Point of sale activation cards
  • Table talkers, shelf talkers, shelf danglers
  • Fundraising cards, loyalty cards, customer rewards cards
  • Rush services available
  • Bar codes, QR codes, variable data
  • Personalization
  • Magnetic stripe (Lo-Co and Hi-Co)

Client Testimonials

"We ordered Gift Cards last year and were incredibly impressed with your pricing and quality. We would like to make another order."

-M. Zais, graphic designer


"I just got off the phone with our first client who loved the custom tags! Thanks for making our first order a success!"

-R. Moses 06/2011